Associate Pathways

The Associate Pathways program allows students to earn an Atlantic Cape associate degree (60+ credits) while still in high school through a combination of dual credit and concurrent courses. Because these courses are rigorous college-level courses, students should be motivated and ready for the challenge of balancing college coursework with their high school courses and the demands of being a high school student. Interested students should contact their school to find out if their district is a partner and how to apply and register.

Associate Pathway Partners

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Earning Your Associate Degree

High school students can begin taking Atlantic Cape courses and work toward earning their associate degree independently if their high school is not a partner. 

Step 1: Apply to Atlantic Cape using the Default Undergraduate Application.

Step 2: After successfully applying, students are required to take a placement test or meet placement testing exemption criteria. Visit Atlantic Cape's Testing Center to learn more about Atlantic Cape's Placement Testing guidelines, how to schedule a testing center appointment, and resources for test preparation.

Step 3: Register for Atlantic Cape courses and begin earning college credit toward a certificate or associate degree.

For More Information

Contact your high school guidance office or:

Kayla Scannell
Senior Manager, Early College Programs