Frequently Asked Questions

Early College Programs Questions

Dual credit courses are taught by high school teachers at the high school. Dual credit courses offer the opportunity to meet high school requirements while simultaneously earning college credit. Atlantic Cape tuition for dual credit is only $65.00 a creditnearly a 60% savings! Check out which courses are offered at your high school and how to register on our dual credit page.

Concurrent courses are taught by Atlantic Cape faculty offered at the high school campus, online, or at one of the Atlantic Cape campuses. Tuition is only $115 per creditnearly a 30% savings. Talk to your guidance counselor about which concurrent courses are currently offered through your high school.

Atlantic Cape does not currently have any partnerships with homeschool students for Early College programs, but homeschool students are able to enroll as regular Atlantic Cape students and begin taking college classes. Find out more information about admissions for homeschooled students at Atlantic Cape.

The college student is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Parents are welcome to accompany the student when meeting with an Atlantic Cape advisor, if they are invited by the student. Please note, by law (FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Atlantic Cape needs the approval from the student to release any information to parents and/or guardians.

Students may add a parent/guardian as a proxy via their Self-Service student account. The proxy is a designated person the student allows to have access to specific student information, for a specified period of time. This then allows the proxy to log into the student's Self-Service account to access that particular information.

Dual credit students, taking courses with their high school teachers, do not need to access Blackboard or complete the admissions testing requirements unless instructed otherwise.

Concurrent course students, taking courses with Atlantic Cape faculty, are required to take a placement test or meet placement testing exemption criteria. Visit Atlantic Cape's Testing Center to learn more about Atlantic Cape's Testing guidelines. Concurrent students will also need to access Blackboard for their course materials, grades, and other course-related information.

If your high school is offering a half-day program, this is not part of the Early College Program. Students participating in this option are considered traditional students and will follow the traditional enrollment steps:

Please reach out to your high school regarding the option to participate in a half-day program. Below are some of the schools that allow this option for eligible high school senior students:

  • Middle Township High School - Panther Academy
  • Greater Egg Harbor High School District
  • Ocean City High School

As an Atlantic Cape and Early College student, the expectations and responsibilities are:

  • Completing the application process (talk to your guidance counselor)
  • Meeting deadlines for both high school and Atlantic Cape
  • Communicating to Atlantic Cape any questions about dual enrollment registration, classes, credit, etc.
  • Checking your Atlantic Cape Buccaneer email, Self-Service account, and personal email regularly for important communications

As a parent to an Atlantic Cape and Early College student, the expectations and responsibilities are:

  • Talking to your student about the rigor and expectation of a college-level course
  • Encouraging your student to seek help from tutoring and other campus resources
  • Communicating with your student regularly about deadlines
  • Encouraging your student to advocate for themselves

As an Early College student, you have access to all of Atlantic Cape's student activities and resources! You can:

For dual credit students, whatever grade is earned in the high school course will reflect in the student's college academic record at Atlantic Cape.

For concurrent courses, students' grades will appear along with course credits on a student's Atlantic Cape transcript. To view your Atlantic Cape transcript, log into your Atlantic Cape Self-Service account.

Atlantic Cape offers numerous associate degree and certificate programs with only 60 required credits to graduate. Participating in an Early College program will save you hundreds of dollars in tuition while giving you a running start to explore degree and career pathways. Use your acquired college credit towards an associate degree at Atlantic Cape!

In New Jersey, public colleges are required to accept associate degrees for related programs. Most colleges across the country may accept up to sixty transfer credits. Check out your New Jersey transfer options at

All colleges reserve the right to accept dual enrollment college credits. If a student plans to attend a four-year university out of state, it is strongly recommended that the student contacts the university of intent to inquire about dual credit courses that will be considered for acceptance.

Dual Credit Registration Questions

The Early College Application for dual credit is due by JANUARY 7, 2024

Once you have completed your application and created a Self-Service account you are ready to register. When you log into Self-Service, click the white button that says “Register.” Registration for the 2023-24 school year opens on NOVEMBER 10, 2023 and closes on MARCH 15, 2024.

Register for the courses you are currently taking in high school that are eligible for college credit. You will make payment once you register for your courses. Dual credit courses are only $65.00 per credit – nearly a 60% savings!

To retrieve your username, create your initial password, or to reset your password, go to the Atlantic Cape Self-Service portal. Click "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Username." You must use an email address that is associated with your student account. 

After you fill in the requested information and submit, you will get an email allowing you access to your account. Please follow the onscreen instructions.

Below are the password complexity requirements.

  1. Passwords must be at least 12 characters.
  2. Passwords must be only letters and numbers.
  3. Password must contain at least one capital letter
  4. Must not contain any special characters
  5. Must not contain part of the username
  6. Must not contain 3 or more consecutive characters that are the same

If your account has been disabled/locked, please wait 60 minutes until trying again. If you are still having difficulty accessing your Self-Service account, please contact us at In your email, please include all relevant information (student name, student ID number, email associated with account, etc.).

First, reach out to your school's guidance counselor for assistance. For other questions, please email

You have a hold with the college that must be resolved before you can register for your dual credit courses. For "Business Office" holds, please contact our Bursar's Office at (609) 343-5604 or

For all other holds, please contact the department that issued the hold to resolve it.

If your dual credit tuition is being funded externally, please complete the registration steps. After you have successfully registered, please wait 5-7 business days for the funds to be applied to your account and the correct balance to appear.

For any questions regarding dual credit tuition assistance, please contact Kayla Scannell at

If you are in your Self-Service portal, and you do not see all of your eligible dual credit courses, send an email to regarding the course(s) missing or incorrect. In your email, please include your full name and student ID number.

If you are in your Self-Service portal, and you do not see all of your eligible dual credit courses, send an email to regarding the course and error message. In your email, please include your full name and student ID number.

For More Information

For more questions, contact:
Kayla Scannell
Senior Manager, Early College Programs
Phone: 609-343-5687