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Campus Clubs and Student Government will meet in person on campus with some hybrid offerings. Throughout the semester there will be a variety of Programs and Events in person and via ZOOM, Facebook LIVE and other Online formats. Join CAMPUS GROUPS to connect with clubs and receive information on upcoming and monthly listings of events and ways to Get INVOLVED AND MEET PEOPLE ! 

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Find a Club that matches your academic or special interests, meet people on campus, and get involved in the College Community. 

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Art Club

Student Club logoMission: To encourage interest in varied art fields by providing field trips, workshops, guest artists, and other related activities.

Advisor: Katherine Aikens

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM D118A- Art Gallery


Atlantic Cape Bookworms

Student Club logoMission: The purpose of this club is to learn and bond with other students with the power of reading.

Advisor: Latoya Gibbons

Meets: Tuesday/Thursday 1:00PM / Virtual

Zoom Link: 


Atlantic Cape Choir

student club logoMission: To promote learning of music and comradery among students.

Advisor: Robyn Berenato

For more information on this club please email the advisor.

Student Newspaper

Atlantic Cape Review

Atlantic Cape Review logoMission: To offer all students opportunities to develop skills in news writing, photography, layout and graphics; to showcase those skills in the pages of a campus newspaper; and to provide information to the college community.

Advisor: Jennifer Thomas

More information: Atlantic Cape Review


Asian Cultural Club

student club logoMission: To promote and educate about the various Asian, Polynesian cultures through educational gatherings.

Advisor: Jay Peterson

For more information on this club please email the advisor.


Aviation Club

student club logoMission: To enlighten and broaden student awareness of the aviation industry.

Advisor: Timothy Cwik 

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM S205

Stem Building


Biology Club

student club logoMission: Our mission is to get the student body excited about Biology and Science and allow all students to explore STEM events.

Advisor: TBA Please visit Science Club for more information

For more information on the club please email the advisor.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

student club logoMission: To encourage recognition of every Atlantic Cape student's cultural, academic and social-needs in the college environment and to enhance communication among all races on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Lynette Ingram

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM G 206


Chess Club

student club logoMission: Teach newcomers how to play and the way pieces move. Also, have good competitive tournaments for those who know how to play.

Advisor: Shane Richtie

For more information please email the advisor.


National Honor Society

Chi Alpha Epsilon

student club logoMission: To promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor academic excellence. Students who are in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and/or Student Support Services (SSS) Program are eligible to apply for membership into Chi Alpha Epsilon.  Students must have consistently maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher to qualify. For more information visit the Chi Alpha Epsilon website.

Advisor: Lynette Ingram

For more information please email the advisor.

Christian Club (CRU)

CRU Atlantic CapeMission: We offer opportunities for people to get to know more about God and share their beliefs. We will offer weekly bible studies and prayer meetings and also opportunities to travel and meet students from other campuses.

For more information please email


Circle K

Circle K International logoMission: To meet the personal needs of the individual collegian through qualities of leadership, the rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship.

Advisor: Donna Marie McElroy

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM A 124 and via Zoom

Zoom meeting:


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InstagramInstagram - accc_circlek


FacebookFacebook - accc.circlek


Communication Awards Club

Communication Club logoMission:  To promote the Atlantic Cape communication program by providing students with hands-on experience by producing the annual communication awards show. To collaborate with fellow students to create scripts, videos and marketing materials which they may use for their professional portfolios.

Advisor(s):  Keith Forrest, Jenna Deluca

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM A103


Community for the Differently Abled

Community for the Differently Abled Club logoMission: To provide a safe environment for all students of differing abilities statuses and their allies a safe place to have fun, discuss issues, and work together to educate and enlighten each other in a constructive and helpful way.

Advisors:  Juliana Torres 

Meets: Wednesday 1p.m. via Zoom


Cross-Cultural Student Association

Student Club logoMission:To promote international and intercultural understanding on the Atlantic City campus and in the community at large.

Meets: Bi-weekly Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM WACC 249 and Zoom

 Atlantic City Campus


Culinary Student Association

Student Club logoMission: To encourage and facilitate meaningful exchange of specialized concepts and techniques in culinary arts and baking and pastry. The club builds professional alliances while promoting strong community outreach.

Advisor(s): Chef Ruth LaTorre

Meets: Bi-weekly Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM M111



Student Club logoMission: Empowering Tomorrow's Digital Leaders Through the Fusion of Esports and Media.

Advisor(s): Michele TagoshiBo Zilovic

Meets: Tuesday 12:30PM-1:30PM B-201


Engineering Club

Student Club logoMission: To assist all Atlantic Cape students majoring in the STEM and related fields, and to enrich their learning experience through communal activities and motivate them to continue their education in those fields.

Advisor(s): Matthew Miller

Please email advisor for more information on this club.


Entrepreneur Club

Student Club logoMission: Develop an entrepreneurial spirit among group members. Provide encouragement, guidance, and support for members to develop business ideas and bring them into reality.

Advisor(s): Raymond Keller

Please email advisor for more information on this club.


Environmental Club

Student Club logoMission: To increase awareness about issues and problems concerning the natural environment.

For more information, please email



Hospitality Management Club

Hospitality Club LogoMission: Our mission is to volunteer, tour, and explore the hospitality industry!

Advisor: Jeanine Dinardo

Meets: 112:30PM-1:30PM B-206


Los Latinos Unidos

Los Latinos club logoMission: Share Latino traditions in as many expressions as possible to enrich the student experience for all Atlantic Cape students…

Advisor: Victor Moreno 

Meets: Tuesday 1:00PM-2:00PM  G-207


Men of Atlantic Cape (MAC)

MAC logoMission: To promote the advancement of Black/Latino male students through peer-to-peer support, mentorship, leadership development, and networking experiences. 

Advisor: Rashawn Martin, Jerome Ingram, Eric Stewart 

Meets: Wednesday 12:30-2:30 p.m. J202 or Join MAC Meeting on Zoom

Find out more information about MAC.

Media Productions

Production club logoMission To televise Atlantic Cape club activities and events while mastering fundamentals of television equipment, such as camera, microphone and light.

Advisor: Bo Zilovic

For more information on the club please email the advisor.


Mindfulness Club

Mindfulness ClubMission: To enhance student success and contentment by way of physical and mental mindfulness techniques.

For more information, please email

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Assoc. LogoMission: Create an environment for Muslim students, integrate Muslim identity on campus, and spread awareness about our peaceful religion.

Advisor: Dr. Hana Bajes  

Meets: Tuesday 12:30PM-1:30PM A-M117

International Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

ptk logoMission: To provide recognition of academic achievements for community college students. To provide community and campus service. The requirements to be invited to apply for membership in Phi Theta Kappa are: 3.5 cumulative GPA; 12 credits general education credits earned to date, either from Atlantic Cape or another community college; currently enrolled at Atlantic Cape (full or part time). For more information visit the Phi Theta Kappa International website.

Advisor(s): Stephanie Natale-Boianelli

Meets: Bi-weekly Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM A124


Pride Club

Student Club logoMission: To represent gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and asexual students and those who support them. To help open communication with others about issues that affect this population.

Advisor: Kayla Gonzalez,  Rosanne Weiss 

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM G-205


Psychology Club

Student Club logoMission: To build a greater understanding of the field of psychology throughout the student body, university, and community.

Advisor: Madeline Barrows,  Christine Scarpa

Meets: Tuesday 12:30PM-1:30PM A-107

Student Run Campus Radio Station

Radio Club

WRML 107.9 Radio Club logoMission: To broadcast and stream music, entertainment, cultural programming, events and public service announcements for the Atlantic Cape locations and the community at large.  The radio station also supports student functions by playing music at dances and events.

Advisor: Francis Toriello

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-2:00PM G-113

Literary Magazine


Student Club logoMission: To publish an annual literary magazine that features the work of the college community. The organization will also help promote the art of writing to the college and to outside communities.

Advisor: Richard Russell , Katherine Frew

Meets: Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM G-111 and Zoom


Rewrites is the award-winning literary magazine of the college. Annually, the staff seeks submissions of artwork, photography, short fiction, poetry, and drama from all members of the college community. The deadline for submissions is December 31st. Please use our Online submission management system.

You can read past issues of Rewrites Online here.

English Honor Society

Sigma Kappa Delta

three people wit the atlantic cape logo belowMission: To open the doors of opportunity for its members and facilitate academic, professional, and personal growth. Sigma Kappa Delta is the English honor society for two-year colleges. To qualify, students must have at least 12 college credits, at least two college-level English courses, and a GPA of at least 3.0. For more information visit the Sigma Kappa Delta website.

Advisor: Vickie Melogra 

For more information on this honor society, please email the advisor.

(Formerly Biology Club)

Science Club

three people wit the atlantic cape logo belowMission: To better the community through outreach and education of the environment whilst providing opportunities for career development for those with a passion for sciences.

Advisor: Chris CarboneRich Perello

Please email advisor for more information on this club.


Social Justice Club

Student Club logoMission: To raise awareness to the four interrelated principles of Social Justice; equity, access, participation, and rights.

For more information please email


Student Nurses Club

Student Club logoMission: To attain specific nursing goals and health education on campus and to continue nursing traditions and strive for graduation.

Advisor: Deb DaGrosa

Please email the advisors for more information on this club.


Theater Arts Guild (TAG)

Theater Arts Guild logoMission: To produce and present shows on campus and in the surrounding community.

Advisor: Celine Fleenor

Meets: M

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