Advanced Placement

High School Offerings Atlantic Cape Equivalent Course Score Required
Biology BIOL109 General Biology I 3-4
BIOL109 General Biology I & BIOL110 General Biology II 5
Calculus-AB MATH155 Calculus I* 3-5
Calculus-BC MATH156 Calculus II* 3-5
Chemistry CHEM110 General Chemistry I 3-4
CHEM110 General Chemistry I & CHEM111 General Chemistry II 5
Computer Science-A CISM154 Computer Programming--Java* 3-5
French FREN111 Elementary French I 3-5
Government GOVT110 American National Government 3-5
History, United States HIST103 US History I and HIST104 US History II 3-5
History, European HIST101 Heritage of the Western World I and HIST102 Heritage of the Western World II 3-5
History of Art ARTS103 Art Appreciation 3-5
Language & Composition ENGL101 English Composition I 3-5
Literature & Composition

ENGL102 English Composition II (through Fall 2008)

ENGL104 Introduction to Literature (beginning Spring 2009).

Macroeconomics ECON110 Principles of Economics I 3-5
Microeconomics ECON111 Principles of Economics II 3-5
Music Theory ARTS500 Arts Elective 3-5
Music Literature & Listening MUSC100 Music Appreciation 3-5
Physics-B PHYS125 College Physics I & PHYS126 College Physics II 3-5
Physics-C PHYS225 General Physics I & PHYS226 General Physics II 3-5
Psychology PSYC101 General Psychology 3-5
Spanish SPAN111 Elementary Spanish I 3-5
Statistics MATH220 Statistical Methods* 3-5
Studio Art ARTS100 Color & 2-D Design 3-5
ARTS110 Fundamental Drawing 3-5
ART210 Oil & Acrylic Painting 3-5
separately or inclusive based on individual drawing portfolios and instructor's evaluation
*Mathematics courses completed more than 10 years ago are only accepted with the approval of the appropriate department chairperson. Technology courses completed more than five years ago are also only accepted with the approval of the appropriate department chairperson.