CLEP Examinations

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are nationally standardized exams in a number of different subject areas. CLEP exams are accepted for credit at over 2,900 colleges and universities.

Atlantic Cape CLEP Examination Policy

CLEP examinations cannot be used to obtain college credit for a course where a grade of "F" has been given.   CLEP credits will not appear on any student's official college transcript until they have completed 12 Atlantic Cape credit hours.   The total amount of credits a student may transfer through the credit transfer process, including CLEP, is 32 credits.

Descriptions of CLEP® Examinations

CLEP examinations cover material taught in courses that most students take as requirements in the first two years of college.

Each exam is 90 minutes long, and, except for English Composition with essay, is made up primarily of multiple-choice questions.  Some exams do have fill-ins.

General Examinations - given in humanities, mathematics, natural science and social science for three credits each. A minimum score of 45 percent is required. Specific courses required in a student's degree may not be taken as a general examination.

Subject Examinations - require a score of 50 percent or higher before credit is awarded. When an essay is a necessary component of an examination, a passing score on the essay is also required.

For more specific exam information:

CLEP examinations accepted for college credit at Atlantic Cape:

CLEP Subject Examinations Equivalent Atlantic Cape Course
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting- ACCT130 (4)
Principles of Management Principles of Management-BUSN120 (3)
Introductory Business Law Business Law -BUSN 210 (3)
Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Economics I - ECON110 (3)
Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing- BUSN102 (3)
Information Systems and Computer Applications Introduction to Computers - CISM125 (3)
Foreign Language
French Language I & II Elementary French I & II - FREN111/112 (6)
Spanish Language I & II Elementary Spanish I & II - SPAN111/112 (6)
Chemistry Introduction to College Chemistry - CHEM100 (4)
Social Science
Introductory Sociology Principles of Sociology- SOCL101 (3)
History of the U.S. I & II U.S. History I & II - HIST103/HIST104 (6)
Western Civilization I & II Heritage of the Western World I & II -HIST101/HIST102 (6)

College Composition (effective 7/1/10)

College Comp Modular NOT accepted.

English Composition I - ENGL101 (3)

English Composition with Essay (until 6/30/10)

English Comp without Essay and Freshman College Comp are NOT accepted.

English Composition I - ENGL101 (3)



Humanities Humanities Elective- HUMT500 (3)