Atlantic Cape students may receive credit for prior learning by passing a written examination administered through the appropriate division or testing office.

Credit-by-Examination Options

Development of keyboarding skills by the touch method for the input of data. Business applications include letters, tabulations, rough drafts and business forms. Development of ability to type at a minimum rate of 25 words a minute within four errors. Students who pass this test will receive credit for the course Document Production I (OSTM110).

The Word Processing test will cover the study of word-processing concepts, terminology, procedures and completion of projects and practical applications. Program includes basic editing functions, find and replace, reading a file into another file, moving blocks and mail merge. Students who pass this test will receive credit for the course, Word Processing I - (OSTM141).

The Introduction to Computers test will include the basic components of a microcomputer and terminology of computing. It will also include the fundamentals of integrated software using a word processor, spreadsheet and database program.   Other topics will include computers in society, business and government as well as jobs and careers in computing. The student will have 4 hours to complete the test. One hour for the multiple-choice sections and 3 hours for the lab project. Each section counts as 50% of the grade. Students who pass this test will receive 3 credits for the course, Introduction to Computers (CISM125).

This test will include the basic principles of alphabetic, numeric, geographic and subject methods of classifying and storing records. Planning, organizing and controlling the creations, protection, use, storage and disposition of records.

Credit Exam Policy

Atlantic Cape's Credit-by-Exam tests are proficiency tests. They demonstrate your knowledge in a certain area. Eligibility for college credit is limited to those who pass the tests. Candidates will be notified of test results by mail approximately two weeks after the test.

  • Credit-by-exam tests can be taken only once. There is a No Re-Test policy for these examinations.
  • Credit-by-exam tests cannot be used to obtain college credit for a course where a grade of "F" has been given.
  • Credit-by-exam credits will not appear on your official college transcript until after you have completed 12 credit hours at Atlantic Cape. The total amount of credits you may transfer through the credit transfer process, including Credit-by-Examination, is 32 credits.
  • All credit-by-exam tests require an initial fee of $25. This fee covers administration, scoring and processing of the tests and test results.

To receive credit, you will be required to present your test results and pay the required tuition for each credit.  You must also be enrolled in courses for at least one semester prior to submitting the Evaluation of Credits form.