Instructional Resources Committee

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Professional Development and Curriculum Enrichment



Whenever possible, one full-time faculty member from each department and one counselor/librarian.


Associate Dean of Academic Support Services, Director of Financial Aid


  • To review new developments in education and to provide information to the faculty concerning such developments.

  • To work with the college community to organize professional development. Having the goal of educating faculty about accessibility, accommodations, and methods to achieve an inclusive atmosphere.

  • To stimulate proposals for innovative approaches to the educational objectives of the college.

  • To recommend new policies implementing the above described responsibilities.


This committee shall report to the FAEC, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Deans.

Committee Membership

2017 - 2018

Name Department Term Expires
Mary Ann McCall  (Co-Chair) English 5/2019 (second term)
Deborah DaGrosa Nursing 5/2018
Dennis Jones Counselor 5/2017
Teresa (Tree) McCann Culinary 5/2018 (second term)
Vickie Melograno English 5/2018 (second term)
Rita Michalenko Art 5/2018 (second term)
Leslie Murtha Librarian 5/2019
James Sacchinelli Sciences 5/2019 (second term)
Barbara Warner Social Sciences 5/2020
(Advisory) Dir., Financial Aid

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