Instructional Technology Department

Instructional Technology at Atlantic Cape

The Instructional Technology Department is responsible for the system administration of Atlantic Cape’s learning management system, Blackboard Learn, which is used by all courses at Atlantic Cape. Instructional Technology supports faculty members using Blackboard and associated technologies for face-to-face, remote and online instruction by providing training, tutorials and web resources, individual coaching and technical support. All faculty are required to use Blackboard to deliver online courses and to enhance face-to-face and remote classes. Attendance at one “Getting Started with Blackboard Learn” training is required for all faculty prior to gaining access to Blackboard. Additionally, Instructional Technology provides Blackboard technical support to students.

The department is also responsible for the system administration of the academic server, Venus, which contains software and technologies utilized by some of our computer classes. You can request an account on this server if you are using Blackboard and have large PowerPoint, audio or video files.