Academic Policies, Procedures, & Standards

Academic Policies, Procedures, and Standards Committee


  • To develop, review, and advise on academic policies, procedures and standards.
  • To study and recommend methods of evaluation for hiring, retention, and promotion of faculty members and administrators.
  • To evaluate, review and assist in college publications (faculty handbook, college catalog, student handbook, faculty adviser's handbook) for accuracy and consistency in statements of college policy.
  • To concern itself with all questions pertaining to high academic standards and establishing criteria for grading standards, criteria for admission, evaluation of transfer credit, awarding of honors and academic probation.
  • To act as a review board for student academic appeals and students requesting review of academic status, modification of graduation requirements, readmission, and reevaluation of transfer of credit. Recommendations of action on these requests will be forwarded to the Deans.
  • To recommend new policies concerning the above stated responsibilities.

Committee Materials & Membership