Senior Adult Gaining Education and Stimulation

Who is eligible for the SAGES program?

Atlantic and Cape May County Residents 60 years of age or older seeking to earn college credits are eligible to join the Atlantic Cape SAGES Program. Senior adults who do not want to earn college credits can take workshops through CE for personal or professional development (fees will apply).

What are the costs?

SAGES memberships are free. As a member of SAGES, senior adults may enroll tuition-free in credit courses, when space is available. Although tuition and the activity fees are waived, any senior adult taking a college credit course will be assessed a general fee per credit hour, a facilities fee per credit hour, plus any special fees which apply to specific courses.  Please see SAGES semester cost below for more information.    

**Associated fees are listed below.

How can I receive a SAGES membership?

A SAGES membership may be obtained at any of the three Atlantic Cape campus locations. You must bring identification that indicates a date of birth and residency status, such as a driver's license, or other state issued ID. You will then be issued a SAGES card.

When can I register?

SAGES students may register in person for credit courses on the last day of registration for the semester on a space-available basis. (This is the only day you can register, in person with SAGES card.) SAGES may register at any of the three campus locations: Mays Landing, Atlantic City, or Cape May County. No mail registrations will be accepted. Courses in Nursing, Culinary Arts or Baking/Pastry, or class registrations submitted prior to the designated date are not eligible for a SAGES waiver. If taking a course which requires a Placement Test, please make arrangements to take the Test well in advance of the registration date. Students who already have a degree (A.A., B.S., etc.) may be exempt from testing by providing a copy of their diploma or may request a waiver for one semester only if registering for personal development.

For more information, please email Advising, or call the Center for Student Success at (609) 343-5667 (Atlantic County residents) or (609)463-4774, ext. 5667 (Cape May County residents).

Waived Fees

  • Tuition only for regular or online courses
  • Activity Fee

SAGES Semester Costs

Fee Type Fee Cost

General Fee

$31.50 (per credit)

Facilities Fee  $3.00 (per credit)
Student Accident Insurance (Fall & Spring) $5.50 (Summer $3.50)
Campus Safety Fee  $40.00 (per semester)
Registration Fee  

$10.00 (per semester)

Lab Fee (if applicable) ***See course listing***
Returned Check Service Charge $35.00