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Atlantic Cape offering Drone Training Course for First Responders

12/14/2021 | Media Contact: Claire Sylvester | (609) 343-4933
drone with camera flying in the air

Atlantic Cape Community College will be offering a 24-hour course this spring at their Cape May County campus with hands-on flight experience in drone operation, specifically to assist public safety officials and first responders. 

Drones, or sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems), are utilized in a variety of different  emergency situations. The technology gives first responders the ability to see and “be” in close proximity to specific threats that could otherwise harm a human. For example, flying a drone close to an armed suspect gives officers a preferred visual of the situation as it unfolds without putting themselves in direct harm. 

This course is specifically designed for those looking to hone in on their current experience and skill set with drone operation. Each person enrolled is expected to already have flying  experience. Pilots must bring their own drone.  

Those enrolled in the course will learn how to build an apparatus, conduct trials, and embed the trials into their own training and credentialing programs. The National Institute of  Standards and Technology sUAS Test Methods have been adopted, or are under consideration  for adoption, by the Airborne Public Safety Accreditation Commission, National Fire Protection Association, Civil Air Patrol, and ASTM International.

Select drone courses offered at Atlantic Cape began being moved to the Cape May County campus starting in Fall 2021. All courses will fully transition to Cape May County by Spring 2023.  

In order to conduct this specific course, at least 30 people must register prior to April 1, 2022. To register and for additional requirements, visit