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A Message To Students: Succeeding in an Online Environment

03/13/2020 | Media Contact: Erin Mercer | (609) 343-4923
a student working on her laptop

Responding to Coronavirus: Succeeding in an Online Environment

As Coronavirus has impacted the world, higher education has rapidly responded in a number of ways, one of which is to temporarily move instruction online. For our students who have minimal experience taking a course online, we understand that it may be overwhelming. Atlantic Cape is dedicated to providing a high-quality education; we are here to help you succeed.

Your faculty will be communicating with you shortly regarding the instructional plan for the coming weeks in each of your courses. In the meantime, please review this information sheet to familiarize yourself with first steps you are encouraged to take and resources that are available to help you. 

1.) Access your course through Blackboard as soon as possible. If your course has not typically used Blackboard regularly you may find very little information in the course at first. Don’t worry – your faculty are hard at work determining how to best deliver and organize their instructional plan. At this time, simply make sure you know how to access Blackboard.

a. Direct link:

b. If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password, contact Online Help at


2.) Access your Atlantic Cape email – this is your student Buccaneer Email Account. Access and information can be found here:    

a. Check your email regularly and watch for Announcements within Blackboard to ensure you don’t miss any communications from your faculty. Each faculty member may have a different communication preference and strategy during this time; make note of each one and plan to check in often.


3.) Review your syllabus and weekly course schedule, but note that your faculty may change the order or approach to some assignments or assessments. Be aware of what was scheduled over the next few weeks in your courses, but be flexible and alert to the possibility that some things may change. It is critical that you pay attention to communications from your faculty.


4.) Familiarize yourself with the features and content within Blackboard. There are tutorials available that will guide you through many aspects of the system, as well as provide overall tips on how to succeed as an online student:


5.) If publisher content is used in your course, re-familiarize yourself with the tools and information available within. Note that your faculty may make use of tools previously not used during this interim period. Technical Support for each of the main publisher sites can be found here: Support information may be provided in your Blackboard course as well.


6.) Know your resources! Keeping in contact with your faculty and classmates will be critical in making progress in your course. The following may also be especially helpful during this time:


Online Technical Support:

Online Technical Support is available 7 days a week; Instructional Technology staff will respond to each inquiry as soon as possible in the order in which they come.


Tutoring Services:


Library Services:

Library resources are available online, 24/7. Libraries and Computer labs will remain closed on all three campuses until further notice.


Blackboard Tutorials for Students:

With videos on how to upload assignments, take tests, and utilize communication tools within the system, Blackboard Learn tutorials are a quick way to learn how to navigate.


Please remember that you are not alone. Atlantic Cape Community College is dedicated to your educational success; together, we can navigate these unusual times!