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Atlantic Cape Recognized As Leader In Accessibility

02/01/2019 | Media Contact: Erin Mercer | (609) 343-4923
Article highlighting Atlantic Cape's recognition as a leader in accessibility by Blackboard

Last month, Atlantic Cape Community College was the first stop on the 2019 Blackboard Ally Tour. Blackboard is an online portal where instructors can post course materials, educational resources and utilize discussion boards. Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates with Blackboard and allows instructors to create coursework, which caters to a variety of learning styles.

The Ally Team is circling the globe to learn more about how institutions are tackling their toughest accessibility challenges and measuring the impact of inclusive learning experiences on student success. The visit, and our recognition as leaders in accessibility, is the culmination of a three-year journey to be a more inclusive campus.

We began to address accessibility by removing barriers to learning and it became apparent that having more inclusive course materials would benefit our student population as a whole. This process included making our learning materials, websites, technologies, and campus facilities accessible to all students.

Where the word “accessibility” once inspired confusion and anxiety, today it has become a source of pride for the campus, as accessibility best practices have become integrated into all aspects of teaching and learning. Faculty and staff have commented on how rewarding it is to know that students can now access their courses regardless of need and ability.

Now, the vast majority of our courses have reached 90%+ accessibility and students are able to access their course materials in a variety of formats such as electronic braille, MP3 audio, via screen readers and more. We were honored to learn that our Blackboard accessibility percentages are some of the highest in the world, which earned us a stop on their tour. Through our newly formed Center for Accessibility at Atlantic Cape, we will continue to ensure that students who experience disability have equal opportunity and access, on campus, and beyond.


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