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CFA presents on Assistive Technology

logo for the Center for Accessibility

Atlantic Cape’s Center for Accessibility and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee partnered to offer a virtual workshop “Assistive Technology for the Learning Environment" for all employees on Dec. 7.  There were attendees from Academics, Student Support Services, and Student Life.

The hour-long presentation went through the fundamentals of accessibility, the importance of accessibility at Atlantic Cape, and provided a demonstration of various assistive technology that students can use to participate in classes.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair Lynette Ingram said, “The Center for Accessibility did an excellent job with the ‘Assistive Technology for the Learning Environment’ workshop. It was very informative and the College is very fortunate to have such a great CFA staff. Thank you to Chad, Jesse, and Juliana!”

The CFA has many resources for our students to participate fully in their classes while pursuing their education here at Atlantic Cape.

Visit to learn about those resources, especially the various assistive technology for use in the learning environment.

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— Submitted by Jesse Kurtz, Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility