Policy No. 215

Adopted: 5/25/01
Revisions Approved: 1/25/11 

Description: Threatening and Violent Behavior Policy

Atlantic Cape is a place where students, staff and guests expect safety and security while pursuing academic excellence and College activities.

Accordingly, any Atlantic Cape student who verbally or physically threatens the safety of other students, staff, faculty or campus guests will be immediately suspended from the College pending a disciplinary hearing.

The outcome of that hearing may result in penalties including but not limited to additional suspensions or dismissal from the College depending on the circumstances of the offense.

Students who are suspended or dismissed from the College are banned from all Atlantic Cape campuses, learning sites, and College-sponsored events during the period of their suspension or dismissal.

Students who violate this ban will be charged with trespassing under New Jersey criminal codes.


College Identification Badge No. 215. 1


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