Policy No. 211

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 

Description: Student Abuse Program Appended

The Board of Trustees of Atlantic Cape recognizes that alcohol and drug abuse has become an increasingly severe public health and safety problem with a particularly adverse effect on young adults. The Board also notes that the Department of Higher Education has developed a policy paper to provide assistance to all New Jersey colleges and universities concerning the implementation of comprehensive alcohol and drug abuse prevention policies and programs, and that the State Assembly's Special Committee on College Alcohol Abuse and Hazing has recommended that New Jersey's institutions of higher education increase the awareness of students concerning the danger of abuse of alcohol and other drugs and provide comprehensive treatment services for students in need of assistance.

The College acknowledges the need for a Substance Abuse Policy for students. This policy addresses the standards of conduct, sanctions for the violation of standards of conduct and applicable legal sanctions.


Student Abuse Program No. 211.1

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