Procedure No. 10.1

Area: Human Resources

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Adopted: 11/20/12, 11/22/17

Description: Professor Emeritus Status

A. Criteria to be used in Determining Eligibility:

  1. Emeritus status may be granted to a faculty member after entering retired status with a minimum of ten years full-time service with Atlantic Cape Community College.
  2. Eligible employees include all faculty members with full professor rank.
  3. Service to the College must be judged exemplary by the President.
  4. The individual must have made contributions which are generally accepted as being significantly beyond the norm for the position.
  5. The granting of emeritus status to faculty shall be based on performance in the same general areas considered during evaluations throughout their careers: teaching effectiveness, professional contributions, service and support to the College and its community.

B. Nomination Process for Professor Emeritus Status:

Nominations are encouraged from any current College employee who believes that an individual may be qualified.
  1. The Human Resources Office shall initiate an annual request for nominations from the College community for Professor Emeritus Status by November 1.
  2. The Faculty Emeritus Committee will be appointed annually by the Faculty Assembly to review and make recommendations to President.
  3. College employees must complete the Emeritus Nomination Form by December 20 and submit the form electronically to the affiliated academic department dean and/or division chair.
  4. Each dean and/or division chair will vet and verify that each nomination meets the minimum criteria with Human Resources.
  5. Each dean will advise the Vice President of Academic Affairs of nominations received and of all eligible and ineligible nominees by January 15.
  6. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will forward on to the Chair of the Faculty Emeritus Committee all nominations by 1st Monday in February.
  7. The Professor Emeritus Committee will forward its recommendation to the President by the 1st Monday in March.
  8. The total number of emeritus professors shall not exceed 10% of the number of full-time teaching faculty. To insure that opportunities for appointment will exist on a routine basis, not more than one emeritus appointment will be granted each year.

C. Award of Emeritus Status:

The Board of Trustees shall award Professor Emeritus Status, upon the recommendation of the President at its March meeting.

D. Rights and Privileges of Emeriti faculty:

In addition to those listed for retired personnel in Policy No. 9 and Procedure No. 9.1, will include:

  1. Listing in College catalogs.
  2. Mailing address and divisional mailbox (if desired).
  3. Inclusion as a member of the commencement platform party for the year following appointment. The new Emeritus status will be acknowledged during the introduction of the platform party.
  4. Receive invitations to participate in College public ceremonies such as academic processions, convocations, and appropriate social functions.
  5. Use of the title of Professor Emeritus, Atlantic Cape Community College.

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