Unacceptable Logo Uses

  • Do not use anything other than the specified colors for reproducing the logo.

    An exception to this guideline would be the depiction of the logo on materials celebrating a national observation. Such observances could include Earth Day (green) or Breast Cancer Awareness (pink).   These alterations must be approved, in advance, by College Relations.Inappropriate Yellow Logo



  • Do not use different colors for the different elements of the logo.Inappropriate ACCC Logo Colors



  • Do not alter the horizontal scale of the logo.
ACCC Logo Inappropriately Scaled



  • Do not alter the vertical scale of the logo.
    ACCC Logo Inappropriately Scaled Vertically



  • Do not recreate the logo using similar typefaces.ACCC Logo with bad typeface



  • Do not add words or phrases to the logo.
    Inappropriate ACCC Logo with added phrases



  • Do not have any other graphic element or symbol interfere with the logo.ACCC Logo with inappropriately added stars



  • Do not enclose the logo with a border.
    ACCC Logo inappropriately enclosed with border



  • Do not use a low-resolution version of a logo in a print document.ACCC Logo inappropriately resized



  • Do not resize a low-resolution version of a logo to make it appear larger.ACCC Logo inappropriately distorted



  • Do not screen capture the logo from website - downloadable versions are available.