Academic Advising

Academic advising is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m*. Please arrive to allow enough time to check in and meet with a Navigator. 

Schedule an appointment with a Student Service Navigator Advisor or Counselor using their personal scheduling link in the charts below. Not sure who your Navigator is? Schedule an appointment with a Navigator from the campus of your choosing.

If you don't want to choose a specific Navigator you can stop by our One-Stop Welcome Center at any campus during regular business hours with a valid photo ID.

Take a look at the how to videos, lower on this page, to navigate your Self Service account. Or watch them on the College's YouTube channel.
Important dates and deadlines for each semester. Includes registration dates, last day to register, drop or withdraw and refund deadlines. 

Advising Contacts in Mays Landing

Mays Landing
Name/Email Title Phone Number
Stacey Zacharoff Senior Director, Center for Student Success (609) 343-5091
Wendy Gray

Assistant Director, Advising & Retention

Schedule an appointment with Wendy

(609) 343-5032
Athena Kramvis Student Affairs Assistant (609) 343-5621
Jessica Reynolds

Student Service Navigator: JumpStart Program, Peer Leadership, New Jersey Stars Advisor, Honors Program

Schedule an appointment with Jessica 

(609) 343-5630
Eric Stewart

Student Service Navigator: Cooperative Education, Job Fairs, College Work-Study, Culinary Housing, 

Schedule an appointment with Eric

(609) 343-5085
Daymis Alicea

Student Service Navigator: International Students, E.S.L., ALP, Stockton Transfer Pathways, Stockton 3+1 

Schedule an appointment with Daymis

(609) 343-5081
Student Service Navigator: Athletes and Veterans


(609) 343-4928

Advising Contacts in Atlantic City and Cape May County

Atlantic City and Cape May
Name/Email Title Phone Number
Cynthia Correa

Director, Worthington Atlantic City Student Affairs and One Stop Services

Schedule an appointment with Cynthia

(609) 343-4897
Vita Stovall

Student Services Navigator, Worthington Atlantic City Campus

Schedule an appointment with Vita

(609) 343-4832
Lauree Klein

Counselor, Worthington Atlantic City Campus 

Schedule an appointment with Lauree

(609) 343-4859

Kristi Collemacine

Assistant Director, CMCC Student Affairs

 Schedule an appointment with Kristi

(609) 463-3993


View the academic advising newsletter

View past academic advising newsletters:

Waitlists: If a course you need is full, you may select the waitlist for the section. If a seat becomes available, the system will generate an email that will be sent to your account. You will have 24 hours to claim the seat from the time of receipt of the email. Please check your email often if you waitlist for a course. Waitlists are deactivated a week or two prior to the start of the semester.

Don't see a course you need offered for the semester when or where you need it? Need a course that is not listed on the class schedule on Self Service? There is no guarantee that this can be remedied, but let the Academic Affairs office know what you are looking for:  Email

Students are highly encouraged to meet with their assigned or Faculty Advisors. You can contact your Faculty Advisors via email or call Academic Affairs at (609) 343-4909. An assistant will help you choose a faculty advisor that best matches your needs. 



Academic Planning

Effective academic planning and course selection are critical factors leading to student success. Therefore, students are encouraged to meet with a Student Service Navigator (Advisor) regularly to discuss their Program of Study and to plan their courses and discuss education and career goals. No appointment is necessary. A valid photo ID is required when you are on any Atlantic Cape campus.

We assist students with: Academic Advisement; Course and degree planning; Class Registration; Career Advisement; Transfer Advisement; Stockton Transfer Pathways; Veterans Advisement; Athlete Advisement; NJ Stars Advisement; Work-study and co-op assignments; Time Management and test taking skills, and much more!

Do you have quick questions such as: Does my schedule look correct? Can you tell me what classes I need to take? I am on academic probation; how do I register? I want to change my major, what is the process? I need a copy of my schedule; can you help me?  E-mail us at:  Be sure to use your Buccaneer email address. Atlantic Cape Community College Advising Team will schedule individual advising and registration appointments by phone, online, in person, or email. It is our mission to ensure that you have a positive advising appointment with our dedicated staff. 

Self Service Student Planning

As an Atlantic Cape student, you have access to your Self Service student planning portal 24/7/365. Here, you may begin your academic journey by constructing a personalized timeline to guide you along your path towards graduation, plan your courses by semester and register for them by simply clicking a button! You may also receive personalized online academic advising support, and you can view and keep up to date on your academic progress.

Program of Study

To select, add or change your Program of study (major) at Atlantic Cape, please print the form and submit it to the One-Stop Welcome Center at any of our three campus locations. 

Programs of Study Form (majors) at Atlantic Cape.

You may also request to select, add or change your Program of Study by email at

student jumping with advisorRequesting a Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor may be requested based on your Program of Study. Faculty advisor information. Appointments for advisement sessions should be made directly with the Faculty member; call Academic Affairs at (609) 343-4909 for more information.





Upcoming Academic Advising Events

In-Person Events

Walk-About Advising Keep an eye out for Student Service Navigators walking around campus. You can ask us questions or schedule a one-on-one meeting on the spot! 

Mays Landing Campus Walk-Abouts-TBD

Group Advising sessions-TBD

Bring your device (tablet, laptop or phone) and join the Center for Student Success to learn how to use your Self Service to plan your degree and your next semester classes.  Learn about course sequences (in what order classes must be taken), how to select electives, what courses are offered in specific semesters, and other things to consider when planning. Get information on faculty advising and tutoring to help you succeed and sail through to degree completion.

Brain Food Study Sessions (MLC)  TBD

Get ready to ACE your next test or quiz! Plan to meet with Tutoring and Student Success staff who can help you design an effective study session, learn about different learning styles, and how to care for yourself so you can be the best student you can be. Learn to use your Study Style effectively and grab some brain-friendly snacks to fuel your study session. 


Advising, program review, planning & registration are available in-person or virtually year-round. Don't wait to get the classes and instructors you want! Schedule your appointment now or join us in-person on any Atlantic Cape Campus. No appointment needed. Photo ID required. 

Registered, but have questions about navigating Blackboard?  Stop in to meet with a Student Service Navigator to get a one-on-one session on how to navigate Blackboard, how to download or upload items and how to post to discussion boards! Sign in at the One-Stop Welcome Center (J-building lobby in Mays Landing campus or any Atlantic Cape campus) and note reason for visit is to meet with Navigator for Blackboard help. 

Contact for all: Wendy Gray  

Virtual Advising Events

Virtual Advising and course planning

How to use Self Service My Progress and Student Planning to search, plan and register for courses. Stop by any campus and ask to meet with a Student Success Navigator for one-on-one assistance. 

Advising Frequently Asked Questions

New students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Student Service Navigator (Advisor) before registering to ensure proper course selection for their declared major and career/educational goals. ALL students are encouraged to meet regularly (once or twice/year) with their Student Service Navigator (Advisor) for help with course selection, support services, transferring, or any other questions they may have and to learn how to use all the tools their Self Service account offers.

When meeting to plan your degree or semester schedule make sure you've considered your major; what you want to take next; the format you prefer courses (in person on which campus, online/asynchronous, remote or hybrid); how many classes do you want to take so you can be successful (<12=PT & 12 or >=FT); what days/times are you available to attend classes; what are your plans after graduation; have you filed FAFSA and reviewed your required documents on your Self Service student account?  These are just some of the things we'll need to know to help you plan the a schedule that works for you.

Students are assigned both Student Service Navigators/Advisors as well as faculty advisors (based on declared major). This information is posted on the student's Self-Service student account. In addition, students in special programs (NJStars, EOF, Athletics, CFA, etc.) are assigned a program advisor/counselor. If you are unsure, contact or 609-343-5621 for more information.

No, planned classes are not registered.  This is a way for the student or advisor to lay out a tentative plan of action or schedule for a particular semester.  Planned courses are not reserved or held for the student, nor do they need to be paid in advance.

Registration dates, as well as all academic dates, including drop/add, withdraw period, and refund periods are shown on the College's Academic Calendar.

Students may change their schedules in person on any Atlantic Cape campus (with valid photo ID) or through their Self-Service student planner. Changes are subject to: Course offerings for a particular semester, seat availability within a section, and pre-requisite requirements. Not all courses are offered every semester or at all campuses. Offerings vary, so check your student planner or meet with a Student Service Navigator/Advisor for assistance. 

Pay attention to important dates for dropping or adding classes. You cannot add (register) for classes after specific dates each semester.

The major (and catalog year) shown on your Self-Service student account is considered your declared major. This is what is referred to when looking at whether courses you are taking apply to your major and if they are eligible for financial aid coverage.

If you want to change your major to pursue a different career or degree, you may complete a change of program form or stop by any of the One-Stop Centers for assistance. Degree and career goals are important in planning what major you want to pursue, as well as selecting the correct courses & course sequence for the major. Career Services are available to help you decide what career pathway you may pursue.

Once you have registered for classes, you'll need to follow up by ordering course materials, confirming financial aid or payment is complete, and log into your Blackboard account at the start of the semester to view the syllabus & course assignment schedule. You'll also need to make sure you attend class as expected and allot time for homework and study time!
  • Use your course schedule showing subject, course number and section number (eg. COMM  120   OL06) to search for and buy course materials via the Follett Bookstore website.  You'll see the options available (rent, buy, new, used, digital) & prices. Math courses will require an access code which is used to access the digital textbook and other course materials.
  • Log into your Self-service student planner. View My account to see charges, credits or balance due (if applicable), or make a payment.  View My account to see charges, credits or balance due (if applicable), or make a payment.  Check Financial Aid Account Information then required documents  to see if there are additional institutional forms we need completed in order to determine your eligibility.  If there are forms needed, they must be completed, hand-signed and either uploaded to your self-service account or emailed to before eligibility may be determined or any potential funds may be awarded.
  • Classes will be available via Blackboard . Your username is your student ID# and password is your 6-digit date of birth. You should have access to your Blackboard the Friday prior to the start of class.  The first thing to do once you log in is to take a look around at each class, read the course information and syllabus (Ddownloading & save the syllabus for each class). We suggest you access Blackboard on a tablet, laptop or pc. If you use the Blackboard Learn app, some functions may not be accessible.  
  • View the tutoring schedules for the semester & set up tutoring appointments early on, to head off any difficulties. Besides, it's FREE!

Parental Roles in College

Parents are accustomed to playing an active role in their student’s education. We encourage parents and other family & friends in supporting their students. However, in the college setting parental roles change because the student has entered post secondary education. The college student is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Parents are welcome to accompany the student when meeting with a Student Success Navigator (Advisor) or another College office, if they are invited by the student. Please note, by law (FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) we need the approval from the student to release any information to the parents.  Students may add a parent as a proxy via their Self-Service student account. The proxy is a designated person the student allows to have access to specific student information, for a specified period of time. This then allows the proxy to log into the student's Self-service account to access that particular information.