EOF Services

Financial Assistance

Grant awards range from $338 to $625 per semester. Students are eligible to receive a grant up to $1250 per academic year to assist with college expenses. Grant awards, unlike loans, do not have to be paid back. 


Professional counselors are assigned to each EOF program participant. Counselors assist students with academic, financial, and personal problems that interfere with the attainment of educational goals. Counselors also help with career development and the transfer process. Referrals are made for students who need long-term assistance. 


Students that need additional academic instruction are encouraged to utilize the free tutoring services available for developmental and content courses.
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Transfer Assistance

Counselors assist students with the transfer process by providing or referring for academic advisement. Once a transfer school has been identified, course selection may be coordinated with other staff or the transfer school. Program staff also assists with the transfer of financial aid and EOF program benefits. Participants may also have the opportunity to visit transfer schools prior to graduation. 

Academic Advising

Students are assigned a program staff member to develop an academic plan. This plan provides a guide for participants to achieve their educational goals. Staff assists participants in selecting appropriate courses based on skill levels as determined by the results of the college placement test, program major and transfer school. The academic plan is reviewed each semester to assure that progress is being made towards graduation. Program participants may work with a combination of college staff when a major is declared and/or a transfer school is identified.

Professor Feedback

Academic progress is monitored by requesting mid-term evaluations. Program participants meet with staff to discuss progress and suggest interventions to improve grades if necessary.