Procedure No. 208.1

Description: Student Personal Conduct Procedures

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 8/3/10 

Educational Programming: The College Student Development Area shall make available to all members of the student body a series of activities which shall include seminars, workshops, conferences, and personal awareness campaigns regarding the social, emotional, legal and biological hazards associated with substance abuse and chemical dependency. Moreover, in order to reach all members of the student body, a segment of scheduled instructional time will be set aside each semester to present information on substance abuse.

Counseling and Referral: Either as a result of educational programming or through personal initiative and self-disclosure, the College counseling staff will be available to provide professional assistance to any student seeking to resolve a chemical dependency condition. Where treatment and rehabilitation is needed, College counselors will assist in the referral process to appropriate treatment facilities, agencies, or self-help groups. All such counseling assistance is fully confidential and in no way will jeopardize a student's enrollment or legal status.

Disciplinary Procedures: Any student who acts in a manner contrary to the best interests of the College will be subject to such penalties as the circumstances justify. The College reserves the right to dismiss any student whose attendance, in the judgment of the administration, is detrimental to the College or its students. Persons found with illegal drugs will be suspended immediately and appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified. Persons found to be engaged in the sale or distribution of illegal substances anywhere on College premises or at any college sponsored functions will be immediately dismissed from the College and appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified. Unauthorized persons found to be in possession of firearms or weapons of any kind are subject to immediate dismissal from the College and appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified. 


Student Personal Conduct-Student Grievances No. 208.2


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