Policy No. 24

Area: Board of Trustees
Approved: 3/24/2009

Reaffirmed: 7/26/16

Description: President's Performance Evaluation

Performance appraisal and evaluation is recognized by the college as an important supervisory responsibility. Correctly undertaken, this activity provides a dual purpose and value. The process is required as an official record and guide in the decisions for retention, reappointment, tenure and promotion. It has an equal goal in assisting employees in the improvement of their performance.

The evaluation of the President is conducted by the college's Board of Trustees and serves to facilitate the process of communication and understanding concerning what is expected of the president, how the president is performing, and how the president is to be remunerated.

The president is evaluated annually by the Board of Trustees in accordance with evaluation procedures and the charge of the President Evaluation Committee of the Board of Trustees.

All evaluation materials are housed with the college attorney.

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Procedure 24.1: President's Performance Evaluation

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