Procedure No. 19.1

Description: Timeline for Submission of Materials for Board Action

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved:


After checking with the Director of Business Services and the Purchasing Buyer, the following lead times are necessary:

Bids - for items requiring bids for amounts over the limit set by the County College Purchasing Law - currently $11,700 +
Due in the Purchasing Office the first week of the month prior to the month the award goes to the Board for approval.
Bid Exempt Items - (quotes, sole source, state contracts)
Due in the Purchasing Office the 4th week of the month prior to the month the award goes to the Board for approval.
It should be noted that departments could reach an aggregate total of $11,700. on some items in which case even if the current purchase is not over $11,700. it requires a bid.

GRANTS (Applications/Contract Acceptance)

Since the state sends grant applications and contract acceptance requests to the College with little lead time to process a timely resolution, the deadline for such resolution requests will be the Friday before the current month's board meeting date. For situations where this deadline cannot be met, a letter of explanation from the President (prepared by the Board Secretary) will be sent to the appropriate person at the State level. It should state that the Board will take appropriate action at the next regularly scheduled board meeting, as the date for submission of materials to the current month's meeting has passed.

Other matters to be brought before the Board

Other matters, besides purchases/bids and grants items, should be given to the Board Secretary no later than seven (7) working days prior to the current month's board meeting.

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